SkyBike Takes Flight on the Road and in the Air


Despite a plethora of innovations in aircraft and automobiles in the past decade, the flying car has yet to take off. But Samson Motorworks, based in California, is hoping to change that with its sleek, three-wheel design that was unveiled this summer at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the aviation world’s biggest experimental aircraft show. With its telescoping wings, the SkyBike incorporates all the controls and instruments required for either driving to the airport or flying from it. It will fly at speeds up to 140 mph for more than 200 miles, the company says, or drive on the freeway at speeds up to 95 mph. Standard equipment includes a luxury leather interior, automatic leaning in turns, and a ballistic parachute recovery system for aerial emergencies. A bulletproof cockpit is optional. So far the machine exists only in cyber form, but the company is working on a scale model to be used for wind tunnel and flight testing.


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