Versace Casa


To see Donatella’s decor, you’ll need a ticket to the Palazzo Versace in Dubai, but if your rubbernecking tourism has a more domestic bent (or price point), you’ll be glad to know that Gianni Versace’s former mansion in Miami accepts guests for luxury hotel stays and has just begun offering $65 tours (one mimosa included). The house itself has a long and storied history—it was built in 1930 by an heir to the Standard Oil fortune, and modeled after Alcázar de Cólon, the Dominican Republic manse built by the family of Christopher Columbus in 1510—but the main draw is the designer’s legacy (though the Versaces haven’t been involved with it since 2000). Still, the extravagant touches, like the fashion house’s Medusa-head emblem splashed everywhere from the gates to the shower drains, and historical curiosities (an upstairs bathtub, the only one in the otherwise shower-friendly house, was put in for Madonna) make for a vintage Versace air. Such excess is a sweetly fitting tribute to the designer’s larger-than-life vision—which, of course, in flashy Miami seems just about life-size, anyway.


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