SSC Ultimate Aero 2009


The Shelby Super Cars’ team is far from resting after breaking the records for “fastest production car” in the past year. Instead, they are racing forth with their faster and better Ultimate Aero for 2009.

The SSC engineering team has upped the horsepower of the 2009 model to 1,287 horsepower, pushing its top speed to 270 mph. This increased productivity and performance is due to its one-piece billet aluminum engine block, which improves the oil flow and structural integrity of the car.

To accommodate the new model’s fuel system requirements, new carbon fiber louvers on the side intakes are in place to increase airflow by 20 percent.

The aggressive nose has been enhanced aerodynamically to accommodate the higher top speed and the team has also added a deceleration measure in the carbon fiber AeroBrakeTM, a rear spoiler system that deploys upward when the brakes pedals are hit.

With its speeded up hardware comes a revamped interior with a redesigned dash that prominently displays sleek, exposed carbon fiber dash halves and inset air vents.

The new center console even incorporates an Azentek PC base Infotainment unit, with all the main functions of a PC for on-the-move usage.


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