President Barack Obama To Receive Vulcain Anniversary Heart Watch


Continuing with their long tradition of presenting each new US President with a watch, Swiss manufacture Vulcain will present Barack Obama with a custom Vulcain Anniversary Heart model. In 1953 Vulcain began this tradition by presenting a Vulcain Cricket watch to President Harry Truman. Vulcain watches have also been presented to other world leaders over the last 60 years.

Upon his inauguration in January, President Barack Obama will receive the Anniversary Heart, a new model from Vulcain meant to celebrate the manufacture’s 150th Anniversary. Vulcain is modifying the watch it will present to Obama with a specially engraved presidential caseback. Vulcain watches are best known for their mechanical alarm movements often known as the Vulcain Cricket (due to the sound of the alarm). Inside the Anniversary heart is a 157 part Vulcain Cricket V-18, with it’s 15-20 second alarm complication. The alarm is set using the top crown and the special alarm hand in the center of the watch face.

The dial is partially skeletonized revealing parts of the moving gear trains that power the hands. However, this aesthetic effect does not significantly effect legibility, as the Anniversary Heart offers beveled raised hour index markers as well as a minute scale on the edge of the dial – making it easy to read. The 42mm wide case is attached to a Louisiana crocodile leather strap (in black or brown) fitted with a buckle or deployment clasp. It is unclear exactly which version of the watch President Obama will receive as it is offered in steel or 18k rose gold with various color options. In any flavor, it is a fine presidential watch as it is handsome and unpretentious. Prices range from $6,500 – $23,000.


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