2009 Stephen Sprouse LV Tribute Collection



For 2009, Marc Jacobs is celebrating the work of Stephen Sprouse by creating a new collection inspired by their original collaboration. The 2009 Stephen Sprouse Tribute Collection consists of the Graffiti and Rose prints recreated into glowing neon colors, giving it a new twist.

“I tried to take what Stephen had done at Vuitton and then kind of flip it in my head, and make it Vuitton’s work for Stephen, not Stephen’s work for Vuitton,” Marc Jacobs said. “I just felt it was a funny way to play with it, to pretend to be Sprouse for a bit, and use the work that he did, and then bring it back to the work that he did before I collaborated with him.

It almost becomes a classic, like a Chanel jacket, or a smoking,” he said. “It’s this idea of a head-to-toe look in this brash, neon, rock ’n’ roll, edgy, street-informed style. Sprouse really best personified it.”


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