Piaget Ring Watch


This is not the first time that Piaget has placed a small quartz watch movement into a ring, but for some reason this practice impresses me each time. It is a pretty logical extension of both a watch and a ring. Often times a luxury woman’s watch falls more on the jewelry side of the watch/jewelry fence, so simply placing it on a finger yields the same result as if it was placed on a wrist.

This Piaget ring is really a miniature watch. Complete with a movement, sapphire crystal, and small face. The ring itself is constructed from 18k white gold and is covered in a combination of diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. The design is extremely bold, much more outspoken than what I am used to seeing from Piaget. This is certainly a ring for festive occasions.

Adjusting the watch is done via a small crown that is likely placed on the rear of the watch. The petite hands are easy to read set against a bed of diamonds. The Piaget logo is applied to the rear of the crystal. Price is likely on par with other Piaget watch rings that typically run about $20,000 – $30,000.

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