The Fabrication De Montres Normandes French Watches


Real watch making (opposed to design only) has been trickling back into France for years, but the Fabrication De Montres Normandes (FDMN) takes it to a new level. THE FDMN is more than just a watch manufacture. It is a place where watch makers are bred and movements are developed. Their philosophy is to produce classic looking watches with French built movements.

In 2009 the FDMN will publicly release their first watches to an eagerly awaiting group of enthusiasts. The watches remind me of traditional Patek Philippe design mixed with Bauhaus, and classic pocket watch design. Emphasis being on the important parts of the watch like the hands and numerals. The FDMN even gently curves down the minute hand to assist legibility; a practice I’ve always appreciated but rare in most modern watches.

The picture gallery is of various FDMN watch, many of which will be available soon. Above is the FDMN Caliber 770 watch. You can see the clean lines and pure classic style communicated in each of these watches. An ongoing theme is large features from the massive balance wheel and tourbillon cage, to the (big) small seconds subdial. The watches themselves are on the larger side, but fitting for today’s size trends.

Notice the “Fabrique en France” (made in France) statement on the bottom of the watches. The FDMN hopes that this moniker will someday soon have a meaning tantamount with “Swiss Made.” While these watches are mostly prototypes they are a good representation of the final watches that will be available soon. Prices coincide with any handmade Swiss watch with manufacture built movements.


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