Gerald Genta Octo Place de l’Etoile Watch


At 39mm wide in size the Octo Place de l’Etoile by Gerald Genta is a large watch for a woman. That’s OK because this bold women’s watch is about making a statement with its 18k red gold case, purple tone (mauve) enamel and strap, and diamond decoration. Gerald Genta’s signature complication is a retrograde minute hand, usually with a jumping hour indicator aperture. While the dial is round, the minute hand only travels across the top half of the dial starting at “zero” and then moving to “sixty.” Once the hand reaches “sixty,”it jumps back to “zero” instantly. The off-center hour window is well placed assisting with the “perspective” design of the watch. Powering these complications is an automatic mechanical movement.

Using their famous Octo case, Gerald Genta offers this watch as a tribute to the famous Place de l’Etoile in Paris (also know as the Place de Charles du Gaulle). If you aren’t familiar with the name, this is the popular roundabout in Paris where twelve major streets converge including the west end of the Champs Elysees. In the center of the Place de’Etoile lays the Arc de Triumph. I see the design of the watch dial as being a snapshot of three roads converging into the Place de l’eEtoile if seen from a bird’s eye view.

Gerald Genta places its knobbed crown with cabochon setting into the Octo case solidifying that this is undoubtedly a Gerald Genta watch despite the lack of branding on the dial. 199 diamonds decorate the dial and bezel making this a a true jewelry watch. In addition to the red gold case with purple Aqualino (variety of snake) leather strap, the watch is also available in 18k white gold, with black enamel and a black snake leather strap for those who prefer a more traditional look.


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