Roger Dubuis King Square Ladies’ Tourbillon Receives Ladies Watch Of The Year Award


The luxury watch world loves a difference of opinion. Recently, the Prix Officiel de la Revue des Montres 2008 in Paris announced that the Girard Perregaux 24 Hour Shopping was the most beautiful women’s watch of 2008. Around the same time, the Salon Internacional Alta Relojeria in Mexico awarded this Roger Dubuis King Square Ladies’ Tourbillon as ladies’ watch of the year. Two opinions in what is essentially the same category. Interestingly enough, the two watches have a lot in common. Both have mostly white tones with alligator straps and light dials; both have diamond decorated bezels and faces; and both feature easy to read dials.

In contrast to the more gentle and whimsical nature of the Girard Perregaux watch, the Roger Dubuis King Ladies’ Tourbillon displays a stronger more architectural approach. It is a bold beauty with dramatic use of strong lines, as well as a shapely wrist adornment with its rounded square shapes and industrially themed Roman numeral markers. The flying tourbillon framed by a hat of diamonds never felt more at home – housed in a watch gilded with 482 diamonds and 13 rubies. This watch is statuesque in the same way that a woman can be handsome. It’s not trying to be a delicate little thing, but it is inextricably feminine, and for that I appreciate the Salon Internacional Alta Relojeria’s decision to award it year’s best ladies watch.


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