deLaCour Iridium Saqra Triplex Watch


Offering luxury watches that can only be described as unique, deLaCour releases is newest model, the Iridium Sagra Triplex watch. Here is a watch with true armor plating – being the first watch to make use of iridium metal plates. Iridium is probably the most corrosion resistant metal around, repelling the effects of acid and other corrosive chemicals. The metal is placed within the platinum group of metals meaning that it is exceedingly rare, difficult to machine, and expensive. When cast, iridium has a yellowish hue that you can make out in the images, making it look like a dull gold. The Iridium Sagra Triplex has a large case made of mostly titanium with the iridium ‘armor’ plates screwed to the surface.

Inside is a large flying tourbillon-based manually wound movement that displays three time zones. The main dial displays time in a standard 12 hour format, while two subsidiary dials show two other time zones, each in 24 hour time. The watch also features a power reserve indicator that is likely located on the rear of the watch. The impressively sized timepiece will be offered in limited numbers with a rubber or alligator strap. The design desperately wants to be futuristic, especially with the phrase “Since Tomorrow” written on the dial. My feelings are that the design is a bit retro techie if anything, but the use of iridium in the case is certainly a progressive feature that deLaCour can boast about with Iridium Sagra Triplex timepiece.


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