de Grisogono Piccolina Diamond Watch Collection


Judging by the whimsically cute nature of these watches, you might not think them to be serious luxury timepieces. Alas, the Piccolina collection for women from de Grisogono is a fanciful lighthearted collection for the woman who knows how to have a good time. Arriving in a large variety of colors (each a shaded blend of 18k gold) the shapely collection will never claim to suffer from diamond deprivation (or any other gem for that matter).

Seen covered with 578 precious gems (diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or pink sapphires, etc..) the collection is also available with a more sparse jewel gilding, though still with the colored gold case and half bangle bracelet. You’ll then find another 38 stones placed on the square bezel measuring 25mm x 30mm in size, and another 20 diamonds on the watch face. Total stone makeup is about 4.24 carats of jewels on each individual watch. Hands and numerals are also done in 18k gold. The movement is quartz, but that isn’t likely to reduce the price of this timepiece too much. The watches are as much playful jewelry as they are a serious time-telling tool.


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