Faberge St. Petersburg Collection Tourbillon Model 117 Watch


Last year the Faberge family revisited the watch making business – mindful of their highly collectible decorated-egg making past. The newest line of watches from the luxury house is the St. Petersburg collection with the Model 117/118 (one in 18k yellow gold and the other in white gold). Its a manually wound flying tourbillon movement based watch with a skillful amount of guilloche decoration on the dial. Cleverly, the tourbillon aperture window, as well as date dial, are egg-shaped. No explanation is required to explain that design element choice.

The overall design is highly reminiscent of Breguet watches with an emphasis on gold, proud looking Roman numerals, and a richly decorated dial that enhances rather than hinders telling the time. The rear of the watch is one large sapphire crystal caseback with a view into a skeletonized and decorated movement. The brown or black alligator strap is hand stitched (I would expect nothing less from Faberge), while the watch itself is hand made (and polished) in Switzerland. Price is just north of 63,000 Euros for these limited edition timepieces.


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