Sony introduces eco-friendly HDTV series at CES


With the ongoing trend of environmentally conscious electronics, Sony has announced its new eco-friendly KDL-VE5 series at CES. Series presented three models, the 52-inch KDL-52VE5, the 46-inch KDL-46VE5 and the 40-inch KDL-40VE5. A new Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL) backlight, according to the manufacturer, can save up to 40% of energy as compared to others. What makes these new series models innovative is the “Presence Sensor” that automatically turns off the picture when it finds the room empty after a user-set time frame. As soon as any kind of movement or motion is detected, the TV turns itself back on. It also incorporates an energy-saving option that consumes nearly zero watts in standby mode. Other than all this, it includes a light sensor that works in conjunction with an automatic backlight control and dims the backlight in dark environments. With these features, this new series is supposed to exceed Energy Star 3.0 easily.


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