Good Vibrations


Sound is typically heard, not felt. Tactile sound, however, is felt, especially by way of the Sonic Lounger from Tucson, Ariz.-based Taiz Design. Also known as “vibroacoustics,” tactile sound is a concept that entails the transmission of sound to the body through direct contact rather than to the ears through sound waves. This form of sound therapy is the premise upon which Kephart Taiz, founder of Taiz Design, created the Sonic Lounger—a massage chair starting at about $9,000 that utilizes tactile sound in order to induce an extremely relaxed and meditative state. The Sonic Lounger transmits music through numerous body contact points. While Beatles’ music creates a mild uplifting sensation, music with heavier bass, such as ambient or trance, will cause much deeper sensations of relaxation—even euphoria.


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