Audi and Prada Join Forces


Two of the world’s top luxury brands are forming a partnership aimed at producing a number of high-end projects. Italian fashion house Prada and German automaker Audi plan to explore numerous joint ventures, beginning with co-sponsoring a high tech sailing yacht. Meanwhile some insiders are already speculating on a special Prada edition of Audi’s wicked R8 supercar (above). The brands’ first collaboration will take place next month when they jointly sponsor the yacht Luna Rossa in the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series regatta in New Zealand.

“Audi and Prada concur that whether in the world of fashion or cars, luxury stems from good design and superlative standards of quality,” the two firms state. “Both companies use only materials of the highest caliber in their products, often tailored to the individual requirements of the customer. Both brands are able to look back on a lengthy tradition, while repeatedly demonstrating their prowess as progressive trendsetters. Against this backdrop, the two companies… aim to pool these strengths and build up a long-term partnership, [which] we hope will result in top-class projects.”


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