Ralph Lauren Watches Part 2: The Sporting Collection


First for the new Ralph Lauren watch brand I discussed the Stirrup Collection. Featured here is the second line, the Sporting Collection. I commented on how the Stirrup Collection looked like a design melding between Cartier and Hermes; well the same is true here. True to its name, the Sporting Collection is more sporty then the Stirrup of Classic Slim collection. Six large screws keep the bezel look strong, yet can pass for being functional if necessary. It’s strong looks aren’t aggressive looking though, which is nice as this watch says “I clean horses for fun.”

I am on the fence about the application of the Ralph Lauren logo, and whether I admire it or not. It is certainly retro, reminding you of a time when branding was less of an issue that it is today. The models come in three flavors. A subsidiary seconds model, a chronograph, and a world timer with power reserve. Metals are either steel or gold. Again, Richemont gives Ralph Lauren access to the parts bin, and the Sporting Collection features IWC mechanical movements such as the RL98295 for the world timer. My pick is the black-faced chronograph on the metal bracelet, that is a sure hit.


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