Ralph Lauren Watches Part 3: The Classic Slim Collection


This is the last of the first collections for the newly unveiled Ralph Lauren watch brand. The Classic Slim collection here is very different from the Sporting or Stirrup collection, though they all share use of Roman numeral dials. The Classic Slim collection houses the very thin RL430 movement derived from Piaget, another company by joint parent the Richemont Group. This slim Ralph Lauren watch is only 5.35mm thick.

The most noticeable element of the Classic Slim collection watches is the beautiful use of guilloche engraving machine work on the dial and bezel. The 42mm 18k rose gold case and silvered dial each share similar engraving patterns. Guilloche work is often done by hand on very old machines that must be kept running, as new ones aren’t manufactured often or any longer.

Style is similar to Breguet, complete with the engraving, broad Roman numerals, and pomme hands. It is a nice look from the brand that makes luxury sensible. The decorated, yet practical look of the Classic Slim watch works well with the demure logo. Around your wrist goes a dark-colored crocodile strap attached to lugs that appear just a bit too small, but enhance the roundness of the dial.


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