Vacheron Constantin Skeleton Patrimony Traditionnelle Watch


At SIHH 2009 this year, Vacheron Constantin really showed the watch world what it does best. The presentation featured several wonderful classic looking watches that stressed the company’s heritage and skill set (nothing like the confusing departure to “modern” watches that we’ve seen in the past).

My choice for Vacheron Constantin’s star of the show would be this Skeleton Patrimony Traditionelle watch (the 38mm wide 18k white gold version). It starts with a vintage 1967 Automatic 1120 SQ movement. The movement is remarkably thin at 2.45mm, even though it is an automatic. Everything unnecessary has been stripped from the movement, and the rest has been beautifully decorated and skeletonized as you can see. Even the mainspring barrel has been cut with the hallmark cross of Geneva. There is also a smaller 30mm wide version available that uses a tiny 1.64mm thick manually wound 1003 SQ movement from 1955.

The Skeleton Patrimony Traditionnelle features a diamond bezel (82 diamonds on the 38mm size) set version as well as a plain white gold bezel version. Despite the aesthetic focus on the watch, I like how Vacheron Constantin has not neglected function. The dauphine hands follow a full number index ring around the face with diamond hour markers, that makes telling the time comfortable. This is easily the most function focused high-decoration watch that I’ve seen from Vacheron Constantin or anyone else.


One Response to “Vacheron Constantin Skeleton Patrimony Traditionnelle Watch”

  1. docswatchescom Says:

    SIHH as always, to many watches and to many people in to short time!
    Star was Vacheron Constantin, or as I keep repeating Vacheron & Constantin. They lost the ampersand, & , in the 70’s, where also much other beautiful things were lost. Humanity, true feeling for art and not least history. It today seems as history is a burden and not a pillar.
    There is only one watchmaker who continiously has been doing watches for over 250 years, and always have had a red line through their design.
    At least concerning wristwatches and also of that they always used small movements.
    I have a diamond set VC, the Jalousie, which looks better than you can believe, in RG and WG on the jalousie and on the little Maltese Cross, on the winding crown, and of course the blue sappire cabochon to open the
    jalousie with. A gem setter at Audemars Piguet factory, once saw it at and said it was the most perfect setting of diamonds he had seen. 44 of them, so I suppose the ones on the pictured is as perfect. I saw it in a special show, but had forgotten my magnifyer…
    Also I whish to thank VC for returning to normal sizes in watches, which you can wear without looking stupid and fits under the ‘french cuffs’!
    I think Vacheron Constantin is the outstanding leader in design among watchmakers.
    The Art Deco is returning and I’m very pleased, since they were outstanding during that period.

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