Bvlgari 125th Anniversary Sotirio Bulgari Watch


Bvlgari is 125 years old and is celebrating with a limited edition of 125 watches in honor of the brand’s founder, Sotirio Bulgari. Honestly, I can never figure out when to use a “v” or “u” in the brand’s name, as they themselves seem to go back and forth.

This Sotirio Bulgari watch comes in gold (either pink, yellow, or white) in a 42mm sized case. It is a stunning design when you first behold it, with elements both classic and contemporary. Most notable are the broad lugs that prominently spread outward. As an homage to tradition as well as pocket watches, the rear of the watch case opens with a view into the movement (covered by a sapphire crystal).

The unique argente dial is completely made by Bvlgari with hand applied markers and partial skeletonization. The hands, in gold, are faceted for an excellent look. Being an important watch for the company, the BVL 250 automatic mechanical movement is highly decorated with a number of polishes and finishes, as well as engravings on gold rotor. It is also a thin movement at about 3.73mm thick.

With an alligator strap and an important name to live up to, this 125th anniversary watch from Bvlgari utilizes every luxury treatment the distinguished brand is known to offer in terms of quality and presentation. It is something that needs to be experienced in person to fully admire. Look for them in select Bvlgari boutique stores worldwide.


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