Frederique Constant Love Heart Beat Watch For Valentine’s Day


It is now February, with Valentine’s Day approaching post haste. If you are a man like me, you are trying to think of the easiest way to ‘deal’ with the annual obligation. If you are a woman, you might conversely be eagerly awaiting this year’s bounty. Therefore, from now until Valentine’s Day you’ll be seeing items here that satisfy both of these positions.

Here is the Love Heart Beat watch by Swiss maker Frederique Constant. The Heart Beat collection is a mechanical watch line known for its open view to the watch’s escapement, complete with perlage decoration. In this watch the FC 310 calibre movement window is contained within the “O” of “Love.” While it might be hard to tell, the dial has guilloche engraving with heart shapes to amplify the theme. The bezel of the steel or rose gold plated case has 64 diamonds set for a dashing look, while diamonds further make up several of the hour markers on the face. A satin strap completes a nice, and surprisingly affordable watch perfect for Valentine’s Day, or other heartfelt occasions.


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