Sarpaneva Korona K3 Black Moon Limited Edition Watch


Sarpaneva is Finland’s only mechanical watch maker, but if their success is any indicator, I expect to see more watch making out of Finland soon. Just released is this Limited Edition Black Moon version of its unique Korona K3 watch line. With an incredibly interesting skeletonized faced and a character-rich moon phase, this is one of most interesting watches from an independent maker available today.

The emphasis on the large moon phase display with its serious face relates to a deep connection between the moon and mythology. The always intriguing waxing and waning orb in the sky has inspired imagination over the span of human existence. While we see the light side of the moon most, there is an equally large dark side of the moon. This play on the human frame of reference to the moon from Earth is at work in Stepan Sarpaneva’s artistic expression in the Korona K3 Black Moon watch.

Only 20 pieces will be available, but other versions of the Korona K3 moon phase watch are available. The 44mm wide watch is in steel coated with a black diamond coating. The dial uses steel and gold. Powering the watch is a modified automatic mechanical Soprod Caliber A10 movement. For more information contact Sarpaneva directly as they have a limited retailer network.


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