Coventry Fall/Winter ’09


When Matthew Terry, an alumnus of Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren, left the confines of corporate fashion design, the first thing he did was come up with a name for his own line: Coventry. “When you were banished from court. you were ‘sent to Coventry,’ ” he says, “so it’s a lighthearted jab at myself.” Now entering its second season (and presenting its first runway show, early next week), the collection is largely based on Terry’s love for—and dexterity with—knits. The designer uses whole-garment techniques and special knit blends for everything from nearly seamless cashmere blazers with curved arms and structured shoulders (pictured) to Shetland sweaters with as many as eight colors of yarn (most have two). There are also printed wovens, lightweight shearlings and leathers, full-volume outerwear, and fuller-volume trousers—all with a somber, slightly outdoorsy feeling. The colors, even the statement-y ones, blend together nicely, creating a consistency across the collection, and even seasons. As Terry says, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”—not a bad motto to have, given that now is a particularly bad time for a big push.


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