Maybach Revives Zeppelin Nameplate with Super-luxe Limo


In 1997, Mercedes-Benz entered the top echelon of the luxury market by reviving the long dormant Maybach brand. In the dozen years that have followed, Maybach hasn’t quite matched the success of arch-rival BMW’s Rolls-Royce division or the Volkswagen Group’s Bentley asset, so at the upcoming Geneva Auto Salon, Maybach will reach into its history and pull another defunct luxury nameplate in the hope of attracting more customers.

Called the Zeppelin, the top-of-the-line Maybach trim level is based on the existing 57 S and 62 S models and upgrades on them with a series of extra special luxury touches. Exterior differentiations are kept to a minimum – largely restricted to darker wheels and tail-lamps – while inside the luxuriously appointed cabin, the Zeppelin gets special beige leather upholstery with contrasting black stitching, piano lacquer black trim, silver champagne flutes and a unique acrylic fragrance dispenser. The super-luxe Zeppelin will sell for €406,000 (about $525,000) in 57-decimeter length and €473,200 ($612,000) for the 62-decimeter model, and will be limited to 100 models…if they can manage to sell that many.


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