How to Fold a Pocket Square: Part 11


The One Point Roll Pocket Square Fold

Lay your pocket square flat with the two top corners horizontal.

Pinch the middle of the pocket square and pick it up.

As you pick up the pocket square tuck the sides in as in the diagram.

Don’t worry it may take a couple of trys to get it just right, but soon you will have it perfect.

With one hand firmly holding the pocket square, use your other hand to gently gather it closed.

Now gracefully roll the top of the pocket square in the direction of the arrow.

Carefully lift the bottom points up.

Now for a bit of flair extend one point.

If the extended point points towards the shoulder that would tend to broaden the shoulders.

(In the illustration above the point is going towards the right which works well for gentlemen who have large shoulders.)

Tuck as needed and place your pocket square in your jacket pocket.


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