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February 18, 2009

Usually finding an insect in your drink is a bad thing, but in the case of SKORPPIO Vodka it’s meant to be a special treat… like getting the worm from the bottom of a bottle of tequila. SKORPPIO is five times distilled single-grain vodka produced in England that has a special woody flavor that comes from the addition of food-grade edible, farm-raised scorpions.

Although eating a large, vodka-marinated insect isn’t something I’m interested in, I can appreciate that it’s a delicacy in some cultures and a unique experience I’m sure. Check out the gallery below for more edible scorpion treats.


Ferruccio Laviani’s LT1 Modern Table from Porro

February 18, 2009

Ferruccio Laviani furniture designs are cutting edge modern to say the least and the TL1 table is definitely one of my favorites. The LT1 table features opposing ovals connected by a funnel shape cone that forms a smooth and sinuous style that offers a light open look. Porro of Italy produced the table and also features a full range of super modern furniture that would really deck out a great looking modern décor.

The New Audi A4 Allroad

February 18, 2009

Audi’s new A4 Allroad is not just a wagon. It’s an exciting car that can get you wherever you want, also through the most uncomfortable terrain, with refinement of a family estate car and the versatility and the power of a serious off-roader.

The car features a variety of engine options from 170hp 2.0 liter TFSI (gasoline) to a 240hp 3.0 liter TDI (diesel) all turbocharged and direct-injected, and also the Audi drive select (intelligent handling technology), the S tronic dual-clutch transmission, and the energy recuperation system, which during deceleration converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Dunhill’s Moto-Inspired Sidecar Gunmetal Collection

February 18, 2009

The latest stylish offering from Dunhill, the London-based men’s clothier and luxury goods firm, is the Sidecar Gunmetal Collection of business and travel bags and cases, inspired by a motorcycle sidecar the firm designed back in 1915. 100 years ago when Alfred Dunhill inherited his father’s saddelry business and began catering to the brand new trade in automotive accouterments, the firm’s motto was “Everything But The Motor”. Gunmetal is a type of bronze originally used in gunmaking that is resistant to corrosion from steam and salt water, which nicely complements the rugged good looks of the black leather cases.

The collection consists of six large pieces, including a Holdall, Touring Case, a Single and Double Document Case (above) and Double and Single Zip Briefcases, along with a range of smaller pieces including wallets, key cases and a toiletry kit, designed to complement the well-dressed gentleman. Sidecar motorcycles have become highly sought after; in April, Bonhams in the UK will auction off a collection of them at the International Classic Motorcycle Show in Stafford, including a 1949 race-winning Norton Manx/Watsonian, estimated at about $60,000 – $70,000. Dunhill also makes a collection of luggage for Bentley.

Hautlence HLQ Watch

February 18, 2009

From unique timepiece maker Hautlence comes this beautiful new HLQ watch that refines on the brand’s signature style of telling the time. Using a combination of reverse jumping hours, retrograde minutes, and a traditional but attractive subsidiary seconds dial, the Hautlence has a unique and highly legible manner of presenting you with what time it is. I applaud Hautlence for creating such a “different” timepiece that is very attractive and does not neglect functionality.

The first Hautlence watch was more square in shape, while the HLQ has a round 44mm wide rose gold case. The lugs use special pivoting screws for extra wearing comfort. Inside is the manually wound Hautlence HLQ movement named for the watch itself. Given the skeletonization and depth of the face, the watch is still only a very reasonable 10.65mm thick. The face, includes rose gold, as well as special galvanized black gold on bridge edges. The strap is hand-stitched and made from Louisiana alligator. Really a nice little ensemble finally due to be released soon.

Well-Aged Smoke

February 18, 2009

Davidoff is renowned for its adherence to perfection, which is personified in the limited-edition Reserva 12. Hand rolled in the Dominican Republic, this 5½-x-52 large robusto is blended with five different tobaccos, some of which have been aged as long as 12 years. The smooth and silky sun-grown Ecuadoran wrapper was especially cultivated for this cigar, and the large ring gauge provides a fuller smoke than the standard robusto. The perfectly constructed cigar, with a bouquet of sweet green tea, draws smoothly, and its full, rich flavor is herbal and spicy, due to the well-aged tobaccos and the proprietary wrapper leaf. As with all Davidoff cigars, the Reserva 12 burns evenly, right down to its distinctive white and gold double bands.