Dunhill’s Moto-Inspired Sidecar Gunmetal Collection


The latest stylish offering from Dunhill, the London-based men’s clothier and luxury goods firm, is the Sidecar Gunmetal Collection of business and travel bags and cases, inspired by a motorcycle sidecar the firm designed back in 1915. 100 years ago when Alfred Dunhill inherited his father’s saddelry business and began catering to the brand new trade in automotive accouterments, the firm’s motto was “Everything But The Motor”. Gunmetal is a type of bronze originally used in gunmaking that is resistant to corrosion from steam and salt water, which nicely complements the rugged good looks of the black leather cases.

The collection consists of six large pieces, including a Holdall, Touring Case, a Single and Double Document Case (above) and Double and Single Zip Briefcases, along with a range of smaller pieces including wallets, key cases and a toiletry kit, designed to complement the well-dressed gentleman. Sidecar motorcycles have become highly sought after; in April, Bonhams in the UK will auction off a collection of them at the International Classic Motorcycle Show in Stafford, including a 1949 race-winning Norton Manx/Watsonian, estimated at about $60,000 – $70,000. Dunhill also makes a collection of luggage for Bentley.


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