The Three A. Lange & Sohne “Pour le Merite” Watches Together In The “Wunderbox”


What is in the Wunderbox (wonderbox)? Why it is filled with the three ultra-exclusive A. Lange & Sohne “Pour le Merite” watches. The are the first-run pieces made of the featured models, each with a “0/50″ serial number, and sits comfortably in this leather-lined wooden box. First is the 1994 released Lange Tourbillon ‘Pour le Merite.” It was the world’s first one minute tourbillon to combine a fusee and chain complication in a wrist watch. Some might have though it to be mechanical complication insanity, I on the other hand agree that it deserves its namesake merit award. In the middle we see the Turbograph “Pour le Merite” watch from 2005. Another first for A. Lange & Sohne, this watch takes the complicated nature of the 1994 Tourbillon and adds at a rattrapante (double time) chronograph into the mix. The inevitable headache you could have trying to understand how the watch functions gets diminished when you are charmed by the loveliness of its exterior. Last in the Wunderbox is Lange’s newest fusee and chain complication based watch, this time without a tourbillon – the Richard Lange “Pour le Merite” just released this year. A stellar collection of treasures easily among the world’s finest timepieces.

Each of the stunning watches are in platinum and devilishly luxurious. To view them on your wrist, and then again closeup at the movement running really is a wonder. The Wunderbox name is no exaggeration – to be lucky enough to acquire all three gives you the opportunity to instantly improve your mood just by spending some time with these uber exclusive watch delicacies. Unfortunately this Wunderbox is not for sale exactly, as it was part of the A. Lange & Sohne exhibit at SIHH last month. At least now you know who keeps all the “0/XX” watches in a limited edition run.


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