Eberhard & Co. 8 Jours Grande Taille Watch


This collection of watches from Swiss Eberhard & Co. is a re-release of their classic 8 Jours (8 Days) model. The model has been rethought to appeal to today’s watch size and style requirements. It starts with the formidable Eberhard 8 day power reserve manually wound movement, based on a Peseux caliber 7001. The larger 41mm wide 18k rose gold case is classically designed through and through, complete with a thin bezel and thin functional lugs. A large crown for easy winding is thankfully included.

Two dial designs are offered for the 8 Jours Grande Taille watch. First is a more simple version with Arabic numerals, and the second offers a more designer look with a multi-finish face and Roman numerals. Both versions come complete with a subsidiary seconds dial as well as power reserve indicator. If you had to have a manually wound watch, in my opinion it should be something like this. With potentially 8 days between winding, plus a power reserve indicator, you don’t have to get all OCD about winding it obsessively. Flip the watch over and Eberhard & Co. presents a small window into the movement with a cut-away section on the mainspring barrel with a bridge cut and polished like a number 8. Even with 8 days of power reserve, the watch contains only one (very long 125cm in length) mainspring barrel. The view is a nice touch giving this easy to live with, but high-quality watch some needed personality.


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