Rolls-Royce 200EX


The newest addition to the Rolls-Royce model lineup still a year away from production but we’ll be getting a preview in two weeks at the Geneva Motor Show. The car that until now has been referred to as the RR4 will appear as a concept called 200EX. When the production version of the 200EX hits the streets in 2010 it will be the fourth Rolls-Royce model since the company was reborn under BMW ownership in 2003. Compared to the Phantom saloon, the 200EX is about 18 inches shorter but it remains a big machine spanning 212.6 inches from bumper to bumper.

Rolls-Royce isn’t revealing to many technical details yet but we do know that like the Phantom, the 200EX/RR4 will have V12 power. The new car will however get an all-new engine not shared with any other car. The new Roller retains the rear hinged coach (don’t call them suicide) doors but its more modest size means this is likely to be more of a drivers car than the Phantom. As with any Rolls-Royce, the interior will be impeccably finished in the finest hides, wood veneers and fabrics. The final production version (and presumably its name) will debut this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


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