Classic Tie Knots: The Bow Tie


Dating back to the 1700’s, the bow tie’s resilience is largely a function of the knot’s simplicity. The enduring popularity of the black bow tie dates to 1886, when Pierre Lorillard V invented the tuxedo as an alternative to the tailcoats worn with white bow ties. For all its highs and lows over the centuries, the bow tie remains fashionable.

Begin with one end in left hand, extending 1.5 inch below other end in right hand.

Cross longer end over shorter and pass up through loop.

Make front loop of bow by doubling up shorter, hanging end and placing across collar points.

Hold the front loop between the thumb and index finger of left hand. Drop long end down over front.

Place right index finger pointing up on bottom half of hanging part. Pass up behind front loop.

Nudge resulting loop though knot behind front loop.

Hold the bow at both folded ends and pull carefully to tighten the knot.

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