Franc Vila Tourbillon Chronograph SuperLigero Watch


Franc Vila watches seem to be everywhere in luxury watch news these days. Each new model looks too much like the last model, but that isn’t necessarily bad given their still novel look. With a face that reminds me of a skull shape (with the chronograph subdials as eyes), the masters of skeletonization now present a monopusher chronograph flying tourbillon watch model. According to Franc Vila, the key to this new Tourbillon Chronograph SuperLigero watch is the use of nanotechnology. Whatever could they mean?

In this sense they refer to using what I call “micro sculpting.” It is an expensive (for now) manner of shaping materials on an atomic particle level. The material used to construct the movement, bridges, and dial is a new material call Lightnium (fancy sounding eh?). It is based on something called Graphene, which is harder than steel and even diamonds. The materials are shaped using nanotechnology to construct the shapes and needed dimensions. At least this is my understanding.

The movement in this luxury creation is a hand-wound FV Number 4 caliber hand-decorated movement. It features the flying (no front bridge) tourbillon and monopusher (one button) chronograph (really hard to read on this watch given the dials). The movement has a solid five day power reserve which you should expect as these prices. The Franc Vila Tourbillon Chronograph SuperLigero is limited to just eight pieces.

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