Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Lune Retrograde Watch


The last few years have seen watch maker Maurice Lacroix experiment with creating that perfect design which lies smack in the middle between classic watches (looks from makes such as Breguet) and refined futurism. It is up for debate whether they have achieved this effort, but the Masterpiece Lune Retrograde is certainly a step in the right direction. Alas, you’ll see classic elements made modern. Liberal use of sharp angles and skeletonization replace traditional decorations such as dial engraving gently sweeping edges.

I can’t wait to see this 46 mm monster in action. Very few “classy” watch are born in this diameter. The new in-house made ML 152 movement, offers some useful complications. Included are a calendar with the date and day, moon phase under a textured semi-transparent material, power reserve indicator, and time (of course). The little touches on the watch are what make it standout. For example, the applied Arabic numerals are finely done, the gear-like crown has a great industrial quality to it, and the hands are just right to be both classic and modern. The refined skeletonized utilitarian facade never gets in the way of a classy demeanor as well. Notice the adjustment pushers integrated together in a cluster beneath the crown on the side of the case. Overall, the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Lune Retrograde is is a fine example of modern innovation and traditional sentiment all rolled together in one watch.


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