Hennessy XO Exclusive Edition


Renowned cognac brand Hennessy has now unveiled the XO Exclusive Edition cognac festooned with 422 Swarovski crystals. The rich character of the Hennessy XO is enhanced by a unique decanter designed back in 1947, which is adorned for evening festivities. Hennessy X.O blends the spicy aromas of oak and leather with the essences of flowers and ripe fruit. The new Hennessy XO exclusive edition preserves the “Eaux-de-Vie” with their elegant aromas. The cognac is delivered in a glittering metallic box that is decorated with diamonds in trompe-l’oeil. Add some ice cubes to the masculine Hennessy XO Exclusive Edition cognac and you will get to know what subtle flavors and aromas mean. It has been designed to appeal to admirers of XO and collectors.


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