RAYSKIN’s handmade wooden boards


Surfing is indubitably one of the most natural and exciting experiences available, and it’s fun. The thrill of surfing the huge waves is incomparable to anything else in the world. If you are into this water sport, then why not flaunt your riches on the waves too? All you need is RAYSKIN’s handmade surfboard made from exotic woods. The company is committed to design and build aesthetically pleasing, artistic, performance surfboards. The RAYSKIN board is not just a splendid work of art, but it also scores well in terms of operations. The board easily builds momentum in the water and it ensures a very steady ride. Touted as the Rolls-Royce of the surf world, these custom-designed boards are meant for rich surfers. Pricing starts at a cool $8000 and the average price for a RAYSKIN board sits at a whopping $20,000. With these artistic surfboards, you can have a great, luxurious time riding the waves.


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