Louis Moinet Watch Winder


Newer high-end watch maker Louis Moinet will begin to provide each new watch with a watch winder. It would seem obvious that luxury automatic mechanical timepieces would come complete with a tool to keep the watches wound, but many do not. Those brands that do are presented with an opportunity to present added value to their watches by providing a branded watch winder (most always supplied by a third party watch winder manufacturer).

One of the top choice companies for luxury European watch makers is actually the US based company Orbita, based in North Carolina. The popular watch winder maker has the facilities to produce relatively high quality watch winders that can be adapted to each manufacturer’s tastes. The direction taken by Louis Moinet is a perfect example – whose brand is based on a legendary watch maker. His opus was a book titled “Traité d´Horlogerie” (Treatise on Watchmaking) published in 1848. It is actually still considered a very relevant watch making guide for purists of the art form.

The Orbita sourced watch winders will come inside a book-shaped housing where the watch can remain resting and kept wound while its owner decides to wear other watches. This works perfectly as most owners of high end watches such as a Louis Moinet, possess more than one watch – whose daily winding often proves time consuming. Part of luxury is often convenience.

The watch winders themselves are powered by a lithium ion battery with an approximate five year life span. All you need to do is place the watch in the winder and operate it with the on and off switch. In addition to being a nice accessory with a new watch, the winder solves a problem that seems to irritate watch makers and owners alike. The presentation of new watches is very important, but often loses relevance after you take a watch outside of the box. Having a presentation box that is both attractive and functional is the perfect solution.


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