While Apple keeps quiet, a new Shuffle learns to talk


The rumors that Apple will release a touch-screen notebook this fall (the latest: a Reuters source says they will) have drawn attention away from the company’s newest actual—and desirable—release, the third-generation iPod Shuffle. Earlier iterations’ slightly girlie styling and relative dearth of storage was a turnoff for some (including us), but the new model meaningfully improves on its predecessors: At 4 gigs, it holds twice as much music as the largest second-gen (and for the same price), and it’s handsomely styled in minimalist black and silver, with controls moved from the body to the earbud cord. A new VoiceOver feature, meanwhile, allows you to press a button to have a voice tell you (in any of 14 languages) what song you’re listening to—a small but useful concession to screenlessness.


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