NYC penthouse offers En-Suite Sky Garage


Real estate might seem to be doomed in the recession, but that’s not holding back the rich from spending on luxurious condos and mansions in America. Apparently, celebrities are not the only ones splurging on real estate; 200 Eleventh Avenue is boasting an “En-Suite Sky Garage” 300 s/f area with in its New York City’s West Chelsea 19-story tower. CarLoft, Berlin was the first one to provide a sky garage to its residents that will enable them to park their cars by CarLift on the balcony of their floors. But, 200 Eleventh Avenue is Manhattan’s first en-suite sky garage. The prices of these luxury condos are at over $3 million and the penthouses goes up to $17.5 million. The occupancy for 200 Eleventh Avenue was scheduled for Fall 2008, but there’s still no date when the possession will be handed over to its owners. But, obviously, if you can afford to spend without counts, then the $72,816 Pop-up garage is any day better than this.


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