Thomas Prescher Perpetual Calendar QP1 Watch


There are a few “firsts” for this watch. Included in them is the layout for a perpetual calendar watch, as well as the instant changing of all the indicators. None of that really matters to me, instead I am taken by the unique, but classic good looks in this new watch by the very talented Mr. Thomas Prescher. A independent watch maker in Switzerland, Prescher humbly creates some of the most complex timepieces in the world. He is further the inventor of the “flying triple axis tourbillon” with really can’t be fully appreciated until you see it.

This new watch, the Perpetual Calendar QP1 presents the relatively data intensive feat of a perpetual calendar in a simple and appealing manner. Looking at the gold hands from the smallest, the first hand indicates the day of the week (ex. Sunday = 1), the next hand displays the date, and the hand after that displays the month using the hour indexes as indicators for the 12 months. Lastly you have the leap year indicator in digital format at 6 o’clock. All that information, and still the dial looks so clean.

Thomas Prescher watches are made to order – meaning that customizations are welcome. Basic options include a 43mm or 39mm wide case in either 18k gold or 950 platinum. The hands, dial, and alligator straps are all customizable by the buyer. These watches represent ultra luxury and are priced as such. Movements are all in-house made, and the finish of the watches is what you would expect from a watch costing over $200,000 plus, in most cases.


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