A. Lange & Söhne Cabaret Tourbillon Watch Voted Best Watch Of 2009 In Germany


Germany’s greatest luxury watch maker has again been recognized for its masterful creations with an award for its Cabaret Tourbillon timepiece. The German newspaper Welt am Sonntag in collaboration with the popular Armbanduhren (wristwatch) magazine recently released its reader judged award of “Watch of the year 2009.” The top choice among the German watch lover respondents was the A. Lange & Sohne Tourbillon Cabaret. The watch has a unique innovation included in the already complex tourbillon complication, that being the inclusion of a ‘hack seconds’ (stop seconds) feature. This simple concept stops the seconds from running when the crown is pulled out to allow for a much more accurate setting of the time. While the complication is simple on non-tourbillon based watches, adding the stop seconds feature into a tourbillon watch was extremely difficult feat, but A. Lange & Sohne was able accomplish it with a specially engineered hacking arm.

Aside from the unique “world’s first” complication, the Cabaret Tourbillon features an 18k gold case with an outsize date complication, power reserve indicator, and subsidiary seconds dial. All laid out logically and beautifully. The Cabaret Tourbillon received the award for best watch of 2009 because it really combines each element that watch lovers and collectors seek: functionality, heritage, perfect finishing, beauty, and exclusivity. A. Lange & Sohne is a perennial winner of such awards – with the most recent recognition, having been chosen from 154 different contender watches. With this winning streak I expect A. Lange & Sohne watches to win again in the future.


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