Christophe Claret DualTow Limited Edition Watch


Teased for a while on his website (mentioned here), Christophe Claret just released the new limited edition of 63 pieces DualTow watch. Each piece is customizable by the buyer. Meaning you can have it in a series of colors and materials, which comes with spending probably around $300,000 or more on the watch. To customize the watch, you enter the DualTow Configurator on the website and select from the options (it is fun, do check it out). There are a few interesting complications in this highly unique watch. First, a few facts about the timepiece itself. The watch is 42.75mm wide by 48.2mm tall. The lugs move to wrap around your wrist, while large sapphire crystals cover the front and rear of the watch, while smaller crystals provide for side view into the movement. The dial of the watch is skeletonized, with cut jewels (that match other trim colors of the watch) around the periphery of the dial. The case is available in white or rose gold, platinum, or PVD coated titanium.

The manually wound movement is an ultra complex tourbillon with mono-pusher chronograph consisting of 582 parts alone, and with 73 jewels. The tourbillon rests in the lower part of the dial, while the planetary gear based 12 hour chronograph resides in the top portion of the case. The planetary gear used for the chronograph is similar to a column wheel. Then there is the “DualTow” portion of the watch used to tell the time. It is really much like a “5 minute clock” in the sense that the time is digitally displayed to the nearest five minutes. The minute and hours are placed on two rubber belts (in many color options) that are pulled by the movement. It is a clever concept for such a watch. The person wearing it probably has no need for the precision of ‘to the minute’ accuracy – but if they do, they can always use the chronograph. One little touch I like is that the arms used to hold up the time windows that go over the belt are angled in the fashion that the hands in almost every watch ad are placed – which is for and optimal symmetrical look and a sense of uplifting optimism. Available soon, price will depend on the options.


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