Limited edition Tachoscope chronograph celebrates 100 years of Audi


Here comes a special chronograph to commemorate a very special anniversary. A limited edition of the new Audi centennial timepiece has been created in collaboration with watch manufacturer Chronoswiss to celebrate the automaker’s centenary. Since both companies share a passion for technical perfection, the Tachoscope exemplifies a perfect mix of tradition, innovation, design, precision and sophistication. Only 100 examples have been created, with 35 in platinum and 65 in white gold. The high quality, exclusive timepiece integrates a precision C. 125 caliber mechanism and stylish design. Only the minute hand is connected to the center of the dial. Two individual dials are set inside provide the hour and second, which leaves some space for a stopwatch and a tachometer. The Tachoscope elegantly combines a regulator dial, a chronograph with a stopwatch operated by a single push-button and a tachometer dial. The tachometer dial on the bezel measures velocity in kilometers or miles per hour. The dial is made of genuine enamel and the crown looks like a gear wheel.


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