2009 Patek Philippe Lady Nautilus Watch


I hope that the new women’s version of the Patek Philippe Nautilus watch is a sign of future updates for the men’s version. No I don’t mean the diamonds, but rather the bolder looking face. A few years ago the Rolex Submariner got the “Maxidial” treatment that increased the size of the hands and hour indicators making it easier to read and more pronounced. It looks like Patek Philippe might be taking this same direction with the Nautilus watches (if this Ladies Nautilus is any evidence).

For Baselworld this year the new female Nautilus helped solidify this watch as a true classic that always looks fresh. The 18k rose or white gold case has been enlarged to 32mm wide and is available with or without the the 46 diamond studded bezel. Inside is a quartz Calibre E 23 S C movement that makes more sense than an automatic movement for most women. The hands and hour indicators are also in gold with applied lume for easy night viewing. The watch has always been a sporty timepiece, but retains a signature Patek Philippe elegance that cannot be shaken. This new reference 7010, 7011 Patek Philippe Ladies Nautilus watch should be available by Fall 2009.


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