CVSTOS Challenge-R High Fidelity Chrono Watch


Cvstos is one of those low flying luxury watch brands that quietly releases interesting timepieces. While not wholly original in execution, the Challenge-R High Fidelity Chrono watch is based on some well received trends set by brands such as Audemars Piguet, Zenith, and Richard Mille. Cvstos picks and chooses from key models in these and other brands and imbues its own character into the Challenge-R watch. The technical aspects of the watch resemble novelties we have recently seen in Tag Heuer watches. The case itself is a large 50mm wide and done in grade 5 titanium with some rubber accents. The dial also uses titanium but uses tungsten as well for the dark gray skeletonized areas.

While the layout of the chronograph looks familiar, it uses dial discs that themselves spin to indicate the recorded time rather than hands. A date and power reserve indicator balance out the dial with the time telling hands themselves being strong looking. The colors on the dial are all customizable by the owners, as is much of the watch. With the technical features being interesting to observe, this is a graceful yet bold watch if there was every such a thing. The idea being that although it makes a bold statement, it will age more gracefully than many of the “interesting today, garish tomorrow” watches that are often released. The movement is the Cvstos Calibre 577 automatic mechanical movement. Most things about the watch are quite nice, but it is obvious the name was not chosen for US audiences as it sounds like a racing video game title – not a luxury sport watch.


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