Milus Tirion TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919 Limited Edition Watch


The TriRetrograde Seconds complication put Milus back on the horology map and was first placed in their Herios line of watches that featured a square case. The follow up timepiece using the successful TriRetrograde Seconds movement from Milus is this Tirion Skeleton 1919 Limited Edition (of 38 pieces) watch. The obvious purpose of this watch is to imbue a classic looking design with the handsome and visually stimulating complication. Remove your gaze from the watch face and focus on the case and strap alone – you have just a nicely put together, but conservative watch for the most part. Add in the skeletonized dial with the TriRetrograde Seconds complication, and you start to have something interesting, yet classic feeling.

The striking feature about the dial aside from the complications is the depth of it. There are several true layers and each is interesting in its own right. Outermost is the numeral dial that the well-conceived hands easily reach. Thus you can ignore the middle of the watch for brevity’s sake when you just want to know the time. Spend a little bit more time on the dial and you can watch the simple but gratifying TriRetrograde seconds complication. Three retrograde dials each measure 20 seconds. They operate one at a time moving clockwise – being fun to watch. In addition to this, a date dial is viewable at 6 o’clock. The case itself is large at 45mm wide and done in rose gold for this limited edition. Overall, the Tirion TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton 1919 limited edition is another classy but stimulating timepiece from Milus.


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