March of the Veyrons: One-of-a-Kind Pegaso Edition Bugatti


It would appear that our earlier report on the quantity of Bugatti Veyrons going up for sale was only the tip of the iceberg, as a seemingly endless succession of special-edition versions of the million-euro supercar have been showing up on the marketplace. First we spotted a Pur Sang edition, one of only five, put up for sale in Abu Dhabi. Then we reported on yet another one on offer from Frankfurt. But if 2 out of 5 of that production run wasn’t exclusive enough, now an even more unique example is up for grabs, provided you have the cash.

The Pegaso edition was made as a special model for one wealthy Eastern European oil baron living at the prestigious Burj al Arab development in Dubai, which you may recognize as the world’s only seven-star hotel. The Pegaso was commissioned in tribute to the custom workshop in Spain that transformed several Ferraris and Alfa Romeos of note during the 1950’s, and is differentiated by a unique contrasting white-over-red paint scheme and custom interior. It is on offer for €1.85 million, which may seem like a huge premium over the million-euro sticker price for a new example, but looks like a bargain compared to the $3 million being asked for that second Pur Sang edition.


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