Two if by Sea


As the HMS Beagle headed for the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin wrote two words on the first page of his journal: “I think.” In 1859, a version of that journal became The Origin of Species. Italian pen maker Omas has—in collaboration with the Charles Darwin Foundation, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2009—released a new series of commemorative writing instruments dedicated to the naturalist and author.

Each “I Think” pen is fashioned from one of three precious metals and mature oak wood, the same material used to construct Darwin’s famous ship. The route that the HMS Beagle followed to the Galapagos adorns the reservoir, animal footprints are engraved along the clip, and a mockingbird shape appears on top of the cap. As an allusion to the influence Darwin’s work has had on the entire scientific community, a double-helix pattern decorates a band near the bottom of the cap. Fountain pens and roller-ball versions are available in sterling silver (from $2,300) and gold (from $15,525). The rose gold “I Think” fountain pen with diamonds is $22,960.


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