Versace Eon Lady’s Watch


Versace watches are made by the Timex Group under a licensing agreement. Thus, Timex is responsible for making interesting watches on par with the Versace image. That hasn’t quite always worked out, but at the least most of their watches do bear the emblematic Versace medusa head. The newest watch out of the Versace watch line is the Eon, for women. The imagery is appealing, but what is the point? Laying flat on your wrist is the outer ring and watch face supposed to spin? It occurs to me that this watch is likely more fun to play with off, rather than on, one’s wrist.

Aside from this mystery the double case look is interesting, reminding me of a globe of sorts. Materials used are rose gold plated stainless steel lined with diamonds on the bezel as well as used on the four present hour markers. The rear of the watch is supposed to hold the Versace medusa head, while the typical Roman architecture inspirted geometric patterns are engraved on the sides of the outer ring. The watch is attached to a satin strap and has a matching buterfly clasp. Inside will be a quartz movement. I expect price to hover around $1,000 if my senses are correct.


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