Atelier DeMonaco Care d’Or Roman Imperial Grand Tourbillon XP Watch


This new brand is founded on the idea of bringing the lifestyle of Monaco to the ingenuity of Swiss matchmaking. At least that is the idea. Atelier DeMonaco’s forthcoming live of watches are nice to look at with ideals that lay somewhere between classic and modern (a bit like Monaco itself). The watches start with the company’s proprietary XP one minute tourbillon movement that was designed to be as accurate a tourbillon as is possible. It does this through fine tweaks and optimization in the overall design of the movement using such items and features as a Silicium escapement and lever, a well adjusted balance cafe for the escapement, and ion etching for precise creation of individual movement parts. Note their use of incredibly well engraved gold rotors for the automatic movement.

I like that the XP one minute tourbillon movement is an automatic and uses a transparent sapphire tourbillon bridge. A major element of the watch’s allure is view into the tourbillon’s operation which is aided by such fancy parts, and the double sapphire crystals. The pictured model is the Care d’Or Roman Imperial Grand Tourbillon XP watch characterized by its square case and use of Roman numerals. Other similar versions of the watch come in white gold (as opposed to rose gold) and with Arabic numerals or simple hour index markers. The 44.3mm x 48mm case is quite complex using 33 parts and utilizes a core made of titanium to save weight. Case design is reminiscent of the Monaco’s architecture, while gold is used for much of the case, the hands, and the buckle on the alligator strap. Look for this and other very high end Atelier DeMonaco watches out soon, as the brand has been formally introduced only recently in the middle of April 2009.


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