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Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton : A new kind of commercial art

April 29, 2009

In Japan, QR codes—the UPC-like hieroglyphs originally used for tracking inventory—now appear on magazines, buses, business cards, and almost any other surface one could use to promote something or someone. (They also provide mobile hard links to Web sites, readable by most Japanese phones.) But leave it to Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton to redesign them: The QRs (pictured) created for their collaborative projects are little pieces of functional (and, we’re sure, Kanye-approved) art. That being the case, we’ll overlook that they’re also the latest salvo in the artist’s none-too-subtle world-domination plan.


Eco Arts: Cracking Art Group’s ‘Big Rabbits’ installation promotes recycling

April 19, 2009

Designers and architects have always looked towards unconventional ways to promote recycling and encouraging people to stop drinking packaged water considering the impact it has on the environment. Cracking Art Group is trying to do the same but with a much pleasing artwork installation, they call the “Big Rabbits.” Installed in Portofino, Italy, the artwork has been made by recycling old plastic water bottles collected from landfills.

Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton: “Super First Love”

April 19, 2009

Le Grand Monde D’Andy Warhol

March 19, 2009

The newly remodeled Grand Palais hosts “Le Grand Monde d’Andy Warhol”.

The exhibition consists of almost 150 works, some of them coming out of private collections for the first time, by pop art legend Andy Warhol.

“Warhol wanted to produce portraits that showed not just people, but a society, a whole wide world,” said Alain Cueff, curator of the show.

Dollar Teddy Bear

March 15, 2009

Vivre calls Johnny Swing’s Dollar teddy bear “cuddly consolation for a bear market.” The bear is sewn entirely out of genuine U.S. dollar bills. No eyes, no mouth, just old dollar bills (although having the bear’s feet made of matching George Washington faces is a nice touch). The bear is 12″ tall and sells for a whopping $1,250 (far more than what is sewn on his body).

Vuitton Crucifix : Artist Destroys $12,000 Worth of Louis Vuitton Bags

March 11, 2009

In a move that’s sure to have the notoriously protective types at LVMH up in arms, a provocative New York-based artist has destroyed $12,000 worth of Louis Vuitton Alma handbags (above) for a new sculpture. Conceptual artist R. Lloyd Ming had an assistant purchase a dozen of the $1,000 bags at Louis Vuitton’s Manhattan flagship over the holidays. He then cut them in half to make a sculpture for his new solo exhibit, “I Am Not Chinese.” As the show’s title suggests, the focus of the exhibit is China and what Ming calls the tenuous relationship between China and America, the artist’s website notes. Ming’s works addresses many controversial Chinese issues including censorship, capitalism under communist rule, trade imbalance and human rights.

“The work is called Vuitton Crucifix and it is a commentary on the new wealth and materialism that has been created in China,” Ming says. “However it can also refer to America and many other societies. As a result of China’s capitalist revolution the ranks of the rich and middle class are growing. However, capitalism often produces a culture of insecurity, where people can only find a sense of self worth or salvation through possessions and materialism. The Vuitton Crucifix sculpture is a reaction to this culture.” Ming has previously used Dom Pérignon packaging in his sculptures, so he is no doubt already on LVMH’s radar. He seems to be attempting to forestall any legal action by insisting that his assistant informed the Vuitton salespeople of his artistic intentions.

MoMu Exhibitions Travel to Munich and Tokyo

March 5, 2009

It’s time for a change for MoMu – Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp. After seven years of showcasing fashion exhibitions locally, they are now planning on putting two of their most celebrated shows on the road – “6+. Antwerp Fashion” and “Maison Martin Margiela (20) The Exhibition.”

Munich and Tokyo is where they will land. “Maison Martin Margiela (20) The Exhibition/ Die Austellung’ will open on March 19th 2009 at Haus der Kunst in Munich and will run from March 20th until June 1st 2009. ‘6+. Antwerp Fashion’ opens on April 10th 2009 at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Japan and runs from April 11th until June 28th 2009.”

Chanel Spring Summer 2009 Heidi Mount By Karl Lagerfeld

March 3, 2009

As soon as Karl Lagerfeld saw the house in Vermont he knew he had found the setting for the next Chanel ad campaign.

It is a typical New England wooden house, set on the banks of Lake Champlain, with a severe and puritan look that makes it seem like the house has been frozen in the mid 19th century.

As the designer put it: “I love this house, it is so Emily Dickinson,” referring to the tormented romanticism of the American poet from Massachusetts whose work went unrecognized during her lifetime.

Takashi Murakami’s Retrospective

February 17, 2009

Born in Tokyo in 1962, Takashi Murakami is one of the most influential artists of Japan.

He was considered the Japanese Andy Warhol, but in his artworks in place of Marilyn Monroe or Campbell’s Soup, there is a representation of contemporary popular culture in the forms of anime and manga, together with American Pop Art and European Surrealism.

From February 17 through May 31 2009, his “Superflat” style, as he himself defines it in his own writings, is on exibition at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Missoni in Madrid

February 17, 2009

Missoni, the Italian fashion label recognized for its abstract-patterned knitwear in a kaleidoscope of colors, is hosting a retrospective in Madrid, “Missoni Studio: The Art of Fabric in Motion,” from February 5 to April 5. It showcases the creative and artistic history of the brand since its inception in 1953. Luca Missoni, son of founding couple Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, has gathered decades’ worth of clothing, sketches, documentaries, video art, furnishings, and contemporary dance films, all of which were either inspired or created by the Missoni label. Throughout the exhibition, Luca Missoni, who was also responsible for creating the brand’s menswear through the spring/summer 2008 collection, will take part in a series of discussions and debates on themes related to fashion, design, and art.

The discussions, held in three exposition spaces, will focus on “The Style and Culture of Fabric: A Trip through Tradition and Research” at the Italian Cultural Institute; “Stripes Talk: From the Origins of Ball of Yarn to Applied Arts,” at the Costume Museum; and “Color Experiments: From Abstract to Concrete Design” at the European Institute of Design.